Pilots License FAQ’s U.K.

We have collected up a series of frequently asked questions to help guide YOU!

How long will it take to get a U.K. pilot’s  license?

It is a requirement by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)  that you spend a min of 45 hours in the air before you are qualified to take the pilot’s licensing test. 25 hours of this time has to have been with an instructor and a  further 10 hours are to be solo flying time.  5 hours of these flights must be spent on cross country flights.

How can I get the required hours of flight time?

Take get the required flying time it’s best to take a private pilot’s license (PPL) course at a  flight school or flying club in preparation for the test*. An instructor will accompany you during this course to help prepare you for Solo flights.

*The flying club/flight school that you choose must be CAA accredited.
Pilot Licensing and Training in the UK

Can I fly with passengers prior to getting my pilot’s license?

Simply NO, you can not fly with anyone apart from your instructor until you have your pilot’s license.

At what age can I get a pilot’s license?

You can start studying for a pilot’s license at 14 but you can not make solo flights until the age of 16. Provided you can pass the required medical examination there is no upper age limit.

What will I be tested on?

Once you have passed your PPL you will be ready to take the licensing test. This test covers navigation, air law, flight planning, flight performance, principles and aircraft general of flight, radio telephony and human limitations and performance.

In the majority of cases, you will be required to pass the air law section of the test before you can fly solo for the first time.

All sections of the test are multiple-choice, and there are books and study materials published for each section of the test.

Will I have to pass a medical examination?

In addition to the required flying hours and passing the written test, you will need to pass the Initial JAR Class 2 medical examination required for private pilots.
You will need to have reasonably good hearing, eyesight and have no previous or current health conditions that could interfere with flying an aircraft. This medical test must be performed by an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) licensed by the CAA.

How much will a U.K. pilots license cost?

Fees vary depending on the flying club/school, some offer discount options so it pays to ask around to get the best price.

Are you from the U.S.A. ?
If so please go to: American Pilot License Frequently Asked Questions.

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