National Private Pilots Licence

UK National Private Pilot LicenceThe UK National Private Pilot Licence is a restricted form of the Private Pilot Licence. It was introduced in 2002 for recreational pilots and has a reduced flying syllabus as well as a less stringent medical requirement than the JAR-FCL PPL.
The NPPL is administered (under supervision of the CAA) by the National Pilots Licensing Group and is granted in two forms:

  • NPPL (SSEA/SLMG) for Simple Single Engined Aircraft and Self-Launching Motor Gliders
  • NPPL (Microlight and Powered Parachute)

The National Private Pilot Licence is a sub-ICAO licence meaning that the holder is limited to operating only UK registered aircraft. This licence can not be used outside of the UK without permission from the regulatory authority of any foreign jurisdiction whose airspace the holder intends to operate into.

The licence holder when operating under the privileges of the NPPL is furthermore restricted to operations in accordance with the VFR. The NPPL is more restricting in respect of additional aircraft ratings which may be added compared with a JAR-FCL PPL ratings which may be added compared with a JAR-FCL PPL.

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